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Interviewing DJ Skoob – Host of Undiscovered Entrepreneur

Dj Skoob A.K.A Jesse Blount will be releasing a weekly entrepreneurial podcast. He has been very active on Twitter and loves to interact with his audience in any way possible. I was able to get in touch with him to talk about his upcoming show.

Tell me about your show? 

My podcast is called the Undiscovered Entrepreneur. It is a podcast with me, DJ Skoob as the host. I interview owners of businesses and entrepreneurs that are less than a year in their adventure so I can help them grow and be discovered in this noisy world of business.

Also, at the same time, listeners can hear their stories and experiences and learn a little something about themselves from people that are experiencing the same things they are. 

I really feel that, even though they are just getting started in their adventure, they all have value and experiences to share. This should not be reserved for the people that are already in business. They are continually getting picked last or not at all to be able to express their thoughts and feelings about what they have learned so far. This is where I come in with my podcast. To give these people a free chance to voice their experiences so far and maybe get discovered on the way. 

What’s the hardest part about creating content for your niche? 

Content for my niche actually is not too difficult for me. Everyone is more than willing to talk about their business on an open platform. Free exposure for their business, free access to me and my knowledge and experiences in sales, and free community for themselves through me. But it’s the stuff after that interview I’m a little worried about.

What do I do with the content that I do have and that I might be able to leverage to help even more people? What do I do with all I have learned from talking to over 15 guests so far? How can I help even more people? It’s a nagging question constantly on my mind. 

How did you get into podcasting? 

Getting into podcasting was kind of an accident that came about from a failure. When I started my entrepreneurial adventure, I wanted to be a karaoke and music DJ. But I was staring with nothing. No equipment, no music, nothing! so I decided to start a GoFundMe page so I could raise the money for everything I needed. I had no experience, audience, nothing! I just put it up hoping people would help. Needless to say, it was a complete failure.

So, I decided to do a little research to see how to do a successful GoFundMe campaign. I listen to several podcasts and books. One in particular said a good way to get a following and people to donate was starting a podcast. I thought to myself, this is a great idea! I started to research how to do a podcast. Now I am all in on my podcasting, I haven’t forgotten about my dream to be a DJ but I am helping so many people and learning so much, I don’t think I will ever stop podcasting. It’s just too much fun. 

Are you worried you’ll ever run out of content? 

The thought has crossed my mind but because of my niche, as long as there are new businesses opening and wanting to get free exposure for their entrepreneurial adventure, I don’t think there will be a shortage of people to interview and get stories from. And even if I fall a little short, I can go over what I learned and help others grow from my accumulated knowledge.

That should keep me going for a while. Plus I do follow up episodes of the entrepreneurs I talk to in 6 months to see what they have done and learned over that time. So in effect, I have double the content that I had before. 

What’s your favorite podcast productivity tip? 

Batch content creation is my biggest asset and friend. When I started out I was so excited to have interviews just roll in as I got into contact with people. I was so afraid of people changing their mind that I wanted to interview as many people as I could, as soon as I could. As I am currently working 2 jobs at the same time as well as running my podcast, I need to squeeze as much as I can into the short days off I have. So I decided to have 3 to 4 interviews in 1 day and edit as much as I could in one shot. Because of this strategy I have enough content for about a year now in the bank. Batching got all this done in a matter of 2 months. 

If budget was not a problem what would be your next three upgrades for your show? 

If I had unlimited funds I think the first thing I would get is a better microphone. The one I have right now is good. Many people say I sound professional and have a great voice with what I got, but it’s hard in post edit to make my voice sound that good. 

Next I would definitely invest in some courses about podcasting, affiliate marketing, and course creation. Constant education is one of my most important points. Never stop learning, growing, and finding out new ways of doing things. It could make the difference between a 4 figure income and a 6 figure income. 

A third upgrade would definitely be my living quarters. I live in a crap studio apartment that is in a not so good part of town. I have really noisy neighbors that make recording difficult. Is fine for now and I think my podcast is too important to make this a priority, but it is on the list. 

What kind of marketing have you done that seems to work the best? 

Right now just making friends on twitter has been my biggest help on marketing. But to be honest it’s too early in the game to know what’s working and what needs improvement. Once I am up and running for a little while, I can start keeping track of what works best for me. 

How do you find guests to interview for your show? 

The best place I have found guests so far is in Facebook groups. Looking into Facebook groups that are in your niche makes it easy to find people because you know that they’re already talking about your subject. For example, my niche is new entrepreneurs that are just starting out. There are at least 7 Facebook groups that I know of that are all about start-up entrepreneurs. One of them has over 100k people in it. If I can’t find 2 or 3 people that want to talk about their new business for free on a public platform then there is a big problem. Most people jump at the chance to do free advertising so it is quite easy for me to find guests in Facebook groups. 

Why haven’t you jumped into the podcasting world sooner? 

To be honest, I didn’t even know podcasting was a thing until my failure of the GoFundMe page. I learned about podcasting from a friend of mine that I used to work with selling cars.

He would listen to them as we typed out emails on the computer to prospects. I never thought about being a host of one though. Now I am glad I failed at my GoFundMe because if I was successful, I would not be podcasting and helping people like I am right now. 

Have you already talked about your hobby in one of your episodes? 

I certainly hope I have talked about it, this is my hobby and now my passion. In episode 0 on my podcast, I ask myself questions that I ask my guests.

In this self interview I go in depth about my hopes for my podcast and where I want to see it go. So I am going to put a big YES in this question. 

How do you record your interviews with guests? Do you use a specific software or meet them in person? 

At this point I am using Zoom for recording my interviews. It gets the job done and it is free. It goes into my editing software nicely, and I use the video content for a YouTube channel at the same time. Later on however, I will be looking into more professional software to have a few more options in my recordings. Until I start making a little money though I am very happy with Zoom. 

What’s your audio editing process once you’ve done recording? 

This is where the fun lies for me. I use Audacity and I will probably be using that for a while. I’ve gotten pretty good at it and all my presets and fine tuning. This is one of the places where I can get into a flow state of mind and lose track of time, hunger, and everything around me.

I really feel like I’m putting together a work of art when I edit an episode. Some podcasters I talk to tell me this is tedious work, but I love this part. It’s where it all comes together to make my final product of my podcast. 

What social media platform gets you the most engagement? 

At this point, Twitter is where I get the most direct contact with my fellow podcasters and I am quite sure when I do have followers of my podcast, that this will be where I get the most engagement.

The funny thing is I have only been on twitter for a few months! I have learned so much about the podcasting community and gotten in direct contact with so many amazing people, that I would have never heard from or about on any other platform that I have used in the past.

I only see this expanding and helping me reach out to any fans I have in the future. I feel I will have such a better direct connection that I didn’t have in my previous podcast where all I knew was Facebook. There seemed to be a barrier between anyone that was not a guest on my podcast. With Twitter the barriers are broken down and I can connect with my listeners directly. That is really exciting to me. 

Have you ever considered being a guest on another show? 

I actually already have been a guest on a couple of podcasts. My good friend Kris and I did a deep dive review on a show called Squid Game in his show, REEL Film Reviewed Podcast. That was amazing fun and gave me a taste of being a guest on another podcast. I am also slated to be on The Speak Eezy with Aaron Waters. I was also a guest on a Facebook Live podcast with the inventor of an App called enolave. An Innovative problem solving app. I will be using this interview to celebrate my 10th episode. 

It has been amazing to be on other peoples podcasts. To listen and learn from others is really an experience and I strongly suggest not being afraid to reach out to others and learn what you can. Not copy them but take the best of what you see in these fantastic people and mold it into your own style. 

In a year from now, where do you see your podcast? 

For now my 1 year goal for my podcast is just to help as many people as I can. There are so many people that need help getting started in an entrepreneurial adventure but just don’t know where or how to begin. That is where I think Undiscovered Entrepreneur can help. I would like to just touch as many lives as I can, and help. Later I will offer products and services that will help even more in depth besides just the podcast. I hope to be the go to guy for information and services to start a business.

Somewhere in there I would like to make helping people a viable business I can do full time. The more lives I change the more they in turn can help others and so on. It’s how 1 person can change 1 person’s world, that can change the entire world. 

What are some of the challenges you faced when you first started? 

When I first started I had no Idea what I was doing! I watch videos to learn how to edit. I Listened to other podcasts to see what the format would be like and how to ask good questions. But I think the hardest thing of them all was the imposter syndrome I was experiencing as I was putting all this together. I know I have knowledge of entrepreneurship, but who is going to listen to a guy who is a newbie and has not even experienced things yet.

But then I thought, I am not the only one going through this experience of just getting started. There are new businesses starting every day. Why don’t we hear from them and their experiences and maybe I can help them on the way. So I decided that’s what I was going to do. That led me to today and my want to help others in their adventure. 

Is there anything you wished you knew when you started? 

I wish I knew at the very beginning that I was going to be able to accomplish something this amazing. I had no Idea if I could even make it this far. In the beginning my mindset was really on the fence about doing this in the first place. After my failed GoFundMe, I didn’t think I could accomplish anything, especially something of this magnitude!

But something in my mindset, deep in my brain, call it what you will, told me that you need to at least try to see if you can make this work. So instead of shutting this voice down like I have in the past, I listened and started doing what I am doing now. An informative podcast that can benefit thousands of new business owners that just want a direction and a like minded community that is just getting started just like they are. 

Do you have one piece of advice for someone starting a podcast? 

Yes! I have one word for you. START! Start right now! Don’t wait for the right time. It’s never going to be the right time to start so just start. It doesn’t have to be a full fledged podcast on the first day. But you can do what I did and just research and implement a little every day.

In the book The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy we learn how a little work each day can snowball into something great. Just 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night can grow into something extraordinary. I am a prime example. I work 2 full time jobs but with a little extra effort in time, a little here and there. Like when you find yourself watching another Netflix episode or getting to that next level on Mario Brothers.

Instead take 30 minutes or so and put some effort into something you can accomplish for yourself or even others.

And I say at the end of all my podcasts, I Can, I am, I will and I’m Doing It Today!! 

Do you have a mentor? If so, who are you inspired by? 

At this point I don’t have a physical mentor. I do have many virtual mentors that I model everything I do. I take the best of everyone I listen to, talk to, and be with then put them into my own personality to make me who I am in myself and all I do.

For example, my interview style is similar to a person I listen to on another podcast called Entrepreneur On Fire With JLD.

My Monologue and editing style is similar to Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.

Everything else is a piece of everyone I come across in my life. Everyone from my kids to my father to the guy I met yesterday at the restaurant, is a kind of mentor to me. Don’t be afraid to listen and learn from the people around you. It could be the one thing that sets you apart from the pack. 

What is the most important strength someone would need to have to be a podcast host? 

The most important thing to have to be an exceptional podcast host is to have an open mind to all who you come across. This is a concept that sometimes is hard to comprehend when it comes to hosting anything. Whether it be a solo show, interview based, or co-hosted. If you are in your own comfort zone in your mind and you don’t let anyone in to give their thoughts or opinions, you lose out on important information. Not just for you as a host but for the listener as well. It is a dis-service to your listener to only hear one person’s thoughts and possible help.

In my opinion, our job as podcasters is to help others in any way we can in our niche. Never forget that! If you can bear this in mind as you go along in your entrepreneurial adventure you are sure to grow, not just in your podcast, but in your life as well. The combination of minds is much greater than the single one mind. 

Thank you for this opportunity to speak with everyone and I hope this helps you in some way shape or form.

Remember I Can, I Am, I will and I’m Doing It TODAY!! 

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