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Coming Up With Show Content

Running out of steam?

Okay, so you’ve been podcasting for a while now and you have gained a bunch of followers and you have managed to turn your listeners into subscribers.

What now?

The most difficult thing for content creators in this situation is to come up with good ideas consistently.

Sure your voice might be great, your podcast has a perfect place in a specific community but here’s the thing; once you’ve run out of content, chances are that your show will fail.

Ways to come up with great podcast content ideas

Start thinking about the type of things that you want to talk about and write them down.
Just remember that he ideas you come up with should still relate to your overall theme.

There’s no point to start writing up an episode about penguin migrating patterns if you normally talk about Cryptocurrency.

1. Talk about a personal story or experience. Let your audience know a little more about you and why you’ve started the show.

2. Stay aware of recent happenings in your field of interests, discuss trending topics and share your opinion. Back up your arguments while providing that added value which makes your fan base come back every week.

3. Interview your friends, family or local a celebrity in your podcast. Bringing somebody else into the mix, even if it’s not someone that famous can make your show more interesting.

4. Create how-to guides that help solve a problem your listeners might have. Provide them with some useful content.

5. Look around you – did something funny or out of the ordinary happen? Can you talk about it on your show and make it relatable to your niche?

6. If you normally review a specific type of movie category, announce that you will be hosting a different segment and will be talking about a different genre every second week.

7.If you hear something on another podcast that you disagree with or would like to cover in more detail. Go for it. Don’t be harsh or thrash talk the other podcast though. By staying civil, you can even suggest to co-host the episode together and both your audiences could benefit from it.

Why should you plan your content

Without a bulletproof plan for your show, it will become real easy for you to run out of creative juices. The last thing that you want to happen is for your ideas to run dry.

Don’t leave your listeners high and dry, your biggest priority is to keep them coming back. Follow these tips and you’ll have a fresh source of material that you can use as ideas to keep your podcast episodes interesting.

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