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Interviewing Alex Hobby – Host of Time For Your Hobby

Indie Podcaster, Alex interviews guests on his podcast and highlights their hobbies. With the help of his unique radio host voice, he has created and interviewed more than 150 people in the last three years . You can tune in every Sunday to learn about his guests that are happy to talk about their passion.

Tell me about your show?

I’ve been hosting, producing and editing a podcast called Time For Your Hobby. My show focuses on interviewing people from all walks of life from around the world about their hobbies. I do this to learn about what their hobby means to them, how it played a role in their lives, get rid of misconceptions and everything and anything in between.

My podcast is open to anyone with a hobby regardless of who they may be.

Time for your Hobby Pdcast Logo
Time For Your Hobby

How did you get into podcasting?

For many years people have been saying that I have a radio voice and that I should get into radio production. I more or less brushed it off and didn’t think more about it. For the last 14 years, I’ve been producing music and teaching myself all about audio production so I built up a decent amount of production knowledge.

In the summer of 2018, my dear friend was mentioning that she was going to
start a podcast and I figured that since I already have the equipment and knowledge, I might as well give it a shot too. When it came to picking a topic, I honestly just picked hobbies since it’s a topic a lot of people can share. I’ve been posting new episodes every Sunday for over 3 years now.

Are you worried you’ll ever run out of content?

Personally, I’m not worried at all because my door is open to anyone with a hobby and some people even have multiple hobbies which means they can come back on the show.

But you might be wondering what if someone has a similar hobby as someone I already interviewed?

I also encourage them to come on the show since everyone has a different experience with their hobby. For example, some people might connect better with Sarah’s experience with 3d printing while others might connect better with Mohamed’s experience with 3d printing as their hobby.

I’ve recorded 180 episodes (166 released so far) and I have interviews booked up until the end of January 2022.

If budget was not a problem what would be your next three upgrades for your show?

  • I would build a soundproof studio where my voice wouldn’t travel around the house.
  • Buy more of my merch to give away to people.
  • Pay my guests since they took the time out of their busy day to come talk to me.

What kind of marketing have you done that seems to work best for you?

Oddly enough that best one for me was word of mouth. What makes it even better is that I’ve had a few guests who came on my show who were long time listeners and then became a guest and told other people about the podcast.

How do you find guests to interview for your show?

When I first started finding guests, I used to ask friends and family. Now that my podcast is on a roll, I still have friends and family join in but I also have a lot of guests from Reddit, Twitter and Instagram.

Sometimes they reach out to me while other times I see that they mentioned the word hobby and I reached out to them.

Why haven’t you jumped into the podcasting world sooner?

I really wanted to find a topic that would beneficial for the listeners and I didn’t think of doing a podcast about hobbies until 2018. If I would have had that Idea earlier, I would have for sure done it sooner.

Have you already talked about your hobby in one of your episodes?

Interesting you ask this because for my 200th episode I’m planning on having my 1st guest come back on the show and interview me about my hobby. This is just to celebrate my 200th episode.

How do you record your interviews with guests?

My interviews are done over Zoom (audio only) since my podcast focuses on the hobby and the individual, their image doesn’t matter. I decided to do this so my guests can feel more comfortable sharing what ever they want. They could even use a fake name.

Do you use any other specific software?

So from Zoom I use a virtual audio interface called Voice Meeter which allows me to record my Zoom audio directly into my DAW (Adobe Audition) in separate tracks in Mono.

What’s your audio editing process once you’ve done recording?

To keep it simple, these are the settings I use.
1. Normalize
2. Noise Reduction
3. Dynamics
4. DeReverb
5. Automatic Click Remover
6. Mastering
7. FFT Filter
8. Hard Limiter
9. Amplify
10. DeEsser

On what social media platform do you get the most engagement?

I would have to say right now it’s Twitter since it allows people to engage in a conversation and I get to learn more about my listeners and potential new guests.

Have you ever considered being a guest on an other show?

I love being in the other seat. I’ve been a guest on multiple podcasts and I always love supporting the indie podcast community. I have just as much fun hosting a podcast as I do being a guest on someone else’s podcast. Furthermore, I don’t care if the individual who invited me has 1 million listeners or just If I can help an indie podcaster get started on their podcasting journey, it would be my greatest

What’s your podcast goal in a year from now?

Interview as many people as I can to share their voice with the world because my goal is to allow people to share what they love in a judgement free zone.

Also, the more episodes I do, the higher chance I have of reaching someone who might be going through hard times and need to hear someone who might also be struggling but is finding joy in their hobby. Regardless how complex or simple it may be.

Do you have one piece of advice for someone starting a podcast?

Click this link if you need help finding resources for your podcast. One of the most difficult things for podcasters starting off is finding tools that will help them on their journey. It seems like everything has a price but there’s some things on the list that is free and can help your podcast significantly.

What is the most important strength someone would need to have to be a podcast host?

Be true to yourself regardless of what other people in the industry is doing. Because the worse thing you can do for your podcast is follow a trend and try to copy what other popular podcasts are doing.

On paper it might seem like the only way to success, since the popular ones are doing it but since podcasting is a subjective, there’s no right path and everyone’s end goal is different.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions Alex!

Time For Your Hobby links:

Website: Time For Your Hobby website
Merch: TFYHpodcast
Instagram: @timeforyourhobby
Twitter: @tfyhpodcast
Podchaser: Time For Your Hobby
Patreon: Timeforyourhobby

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