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Alex Hobby on Making Your Podcast Sound 1000X Better.

Alex hobby is a podcast host, producer, and audio editor for Time For Your Hobby podcast. Here’s what he’s got to say about making your podcast sound better.

One of the most underrated tool to make your podcast sound 1000x better.

Noise reduction.

Pretty much all recording software aka DAW has this setting.

This is how to use it correctly:

At the start of the episode or the end, make sure to record 10 seconds of pure silence. In other words, you just let the mic capture the noise in the room (try not to move to make any additional sounds).

What you’re essentially doing is capturing a sample of the noise in the room so you can remove it from all your audio.

Once you’re in the editing phase, go highlight that quiet section and click ”capture noise” and then go to noise reduction and apply it to your whole track.

However, you will have to do trial and error to try and find out what is the best setting for you because if you do too much it will make the audio quality worse and if you do too little, it won’t make a difference.

The other great thing about this is that noise reduction helps reduce the reverb/echo in the room.

Here’s a video explaining how to apply what I just said.

NVIDIA also has software to remove fan noises generated from computers and also does it with removing echo in a room. you can check it out here.

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