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Don’t Skimp Out on Show Notes!

You’ve taken all night to record, edit and upload your new episode.

Don’t you click on that submit button just yet.

Here’s a small list of things I think every podcast episode description should contain.

Cast and crew list.

Who’s helped you out on your show? If you work with actors or a crew, include their names and social media info in your notes. Take the time to also properly credit creators of free music, make sure attribute them properly in the show notes.

An actual description.

Make a short and original description for every show. This is the time to properly format your title using the right tags. Include your episode number as well if you number your show.

Descriptions are also very useful if your listeners want to check show notes to find an episode they’ve listened to previously. if they liked it they might want to share it or give it another listen.

Podcast creators might have not considered it but episode descriptions do appear in search results, even more so with the new format of Google Podcasts. A good description formatted with the right elements for SEO might get found by search engines more easily.


They act as a sort table of contents, you can easily find your way in the episode by skipping to the parts that you want to listen to.

Timestamps make a podcast more user-friendly for listeners.


In your description you should also think of adding keywords to be able to have search engines index your episodes.

Weave keywords into the show notes, but try to make it organic. Don’t just add a bunch of tags at the end of your description.

Your Call To Action.

Now you’ve got the listener’s attention, so do something with it!

Add a CTA in both your recording and episode description. This can encourage your listeners to become subscribers and entice them to like and comment.

Come up with an easy to read, CTA that shows an obvious benefit to the viewer. You’ll be able to reuse it on every piece of media you put out.

Always include your website in every single episode description.

Same for your social media accounts, sponsors and additional show links for further reading when applicable.

This is also the time to link to your episode transcript! If you don’t know about the benefits of transcribing your episodes click here.

Credit: Cottonbro

To summarize, here’s what you can add to your show notes to make your episodes more attractive.

Don’t miss out on a good opportunity to add more information!

• A non-generic description.
• Timestamps.
• Keywords – Optimize that SEO!
• Your call to action (CTA)
• Share important links.

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