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Interviewing Sound Artist, Ross Burns

Ross burns is an Audio Editor, Sound Engineer, Designer and Composer. I reached out to him via Twitter and he was more than happy to give his time during this short interview.

Ross Burns –

What’s your background? 

Hi, I am Ross. I was born in England about 1 hour east of London. Having audio as part of my life was inevitable. I started playing instruments at 7, studied music throughout my childhood and ended up with a BSc in Creative Music Technology from the University of the West of England. I spent a lot of my 20’s creating music and fell in love with podcasts around 2015/16. I knew Immediately that I had to have a career in this industry.

How did the discovery of RadioLab change your life?

Ross: RadioLab was one of the first Podcasts I listened to. The compelling storytelling, the warmth of the voices combined with the rich and creative sound design really hit me on an emotional level. This combination brought stories to life in my head like no other medium had in the past and I realized I learn really easily when listening to audio especially if it includes sound design. There is something special about audio storytelling which I can’t quite explain yet but maybe it’s to do with the intimacy of it?

What do you wish everybody understood about your service?

Ross: That we can’t turn a horrifically recorded, no mic used, dog barking in the background, echoey roomed Zoom interview recording into a world class studio quality production :).

What’s a commonly held belief about editing podcasts that you passionately disagree with?

Ross: It takes way more time than people think to edit a podcast.

When you first started audio editing, what’s something that was more challenging than you expected?

Ross: By the time I started editing podcasts I had been using DAWS, engineering and editing audio for years so the technical aspect of it wasn’t that challenging. However, I think the biggest challenge is dealing with poorly recorded audio and how to manage client expectations around this.

As a freelancer, do you have any tips for others on how to balance life and work. What are your favourite ones?

Ross: It would be disingenuous of me to give work life balance tips as my work life balance is fairly horrendous.

However, I do have a secret weapon that I use to combat sitting down for way too long each day: Buy a pair of bluetooth headphones if you can. When you have finished editing/engineering (using your studio headphones and/or speakers) sit on the floor/carpet/yoga mat and stretch your body, whilst double checking your work.

It takes a lot of time to sit down and edit a 1 hour podcast. On top of that it takes an hour to double check it, this way you get an hour of stretch time. Your back, neck and posture will thank me.

I’ve seen your recent post querying people struggling with their podcasts:

What’s the best tip you can give to the majority of them?

Ross: From twitter I found that a lot of indie podcasters struggle to find time to create their podcasts, due to children/work/life in general, which is obviously understandable. I’m not sure this is the best tip, but it’s a simple one which may get overlooked. I see a lot of people creating super long podcasts, 1 hour and sometimes over.

Could you adjust the format slightly and cut a 1 hour+ podcast into multiple episodes?

Could you refine and focus what you are currently doing into a 30 minute podcast?

It might take some planning, It’s not going to be possible for everyone but I think some could consider this strategy. I would consider your schedule/commitments and think about how you can create the best podcast given your life circumstances. 

Do you have any other passion?

Ross: I love dogs a lot. And food in general. At the moment, Middle Eastern and Japanese food are what I crave most often. I think I like the crypto world but I am not sure yet, we will see. 

For podcast editing and sound design 

Follow me on twitter @Rossburnsaudio

PC interface for editing audio - Credit Blaz Erzetic.
Credit: Blaz Erzetic

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